VR Expo World development and company plans for 2021

VR Expo World development and company plans for 2021

February 6th, 2021

How will the virtual industrial exhibition develop in 2021 and what’s new for users and exhibitors? The VR Expo World project team shares their plans.

  • Opening of the central hub (hub) and stands in the common pavilion VR Expo World for companies -exhibitors. In the 2020 report year we have already mentioned that the project team has started developing a common pavilion for companies that want to place their equipment at a virtual exhibition. In 2021, we are planning a major update to the VR Expo World app. In the new version, a common exhibition pavilion will be available to users, and companies will be able to order the placement of their equipment. Also, at the virtual exhibition, “connecting” elements of the exhibition complex will be added – a special lift-teleport and a separate hall (before entering the general exhibition pavilion). In them, users will be able to adapt to the VR environment and undergo initial interaction training at a virtual exhibition.

VR Expo

Hall before entering the general exhibition pavilion VR Expo World

  • Opening of a new exhibition sector of Newcom-NDT. An important event for the project team and VR Expo World users this year will be the integration of the new exhibition sector into the global space of the exhibition complex. Visitors to the sector will have access to a VR version (viewing with VR glasses) and a PC version (viewing on a monitor, control using a keyboard and a computer mouse). Based on photos, drawings and technical documentation, virtual prototypes of real equipment were created for the company. Users are given the opportunity to learn how to work with Newcom-NDT equipment and try themselves as a NDT inspector. An imitation of work in the “field” conditions has been created.

Newcom-NDT is a supplier of computed radiography equipment for the non-destructive testing sector ( NDT ). You can get more information about the company itself at official website.

Open space at the virtual exhibition


Open space. Newcom-NDT sector.

  • New Dev Blog Episodes VR Expo World . On our YouTube channel we will continue to share video reviews of the virtual exhibition VR Expo World, plans for the development of the project, as well as cover significant news from the VR industry. It should be noted that already this year, subtitles in Russian and English have been added (for the convenience of the English-speaking audience and expanding the geography of interaction with users).
  • Site update and localization. An extensive website update is also planned this year. The design will be updated, the pages of exhibiting companies will be added. For the convenience of users and closer interaction with the audience of VR Expo World, a registration form will be added with the subsequent creation of a personal account. After registration, users will have full access to the VR Expo World application and will be able to visit the virtual exhibition (after downloading and installing the application on their PC) without any restrictions. We will warn you about planned technical works on the site in advance in the “news” section, as well as duplicate information in our accounts Instagram, FB and VK.

Virtual exhibition. Entrance to the laboratory

Entrance to the NDT laboratory. Newcom-NDT sector.

  • Participation in grants and developer contests. The project team has more than once proven that the VR Expo World application deserves special attention not only for companies, but also for users from all over the world. The approval and support from companies such as Epic Games and Oculus, allocation of MegaGrant for further development gave a powerful impetus to the development of the project. This year we will continue to take part in various developer contests. This will make the VR Expo World project more recognizable, as well as expand the geography of users and interested companies.

Andrey Vasiliev, founder and CEO of VR Expo World, shared a comment on the roadmap of the project for 2021:

Undoubtedly, one of the main events at the virtual exhibition will be the opening of the exhibition sector of Newcom-NDT, work on which began at the beginning of 2020. A tremendous amount of work has been done, and we can confidently say that we have something to surprise users with! In addition to the new exhibition sector, we plan to open a common exhibition pavilion for exhibiting companies this year. Exhibition stands in the common pavilion will be filled with equipment from new exhibitors as requests are received. At the moment, several companies are already interested in placing their virtual equipment models in a common hub. Work will continue in other areas: modernization and updating of the site, release of new video reviews, popularization of technologies VR among companies and interested users. We also plan to register the application VR Expo World in the computer software registry and apply for registration of the trademark < / em> VR Expo World .

Follow the news of our project on the website and in the social. media, download the VR Expo World app, explore the new equipment of exhibiting companies and the new world of VR Expo World virtual exhibitions.