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Update the application and new features of the virtual exhibition.

A new exhibition section, VR art gallery and updated functionality. What else interesting awaits users in the updated version of the VR Expo World app.

Undoubtedly, the new exhibition sector of Newcom-NDT and the VR gallery sector are the most interesting for users. We have prepared for you a brief overview of the app updates:

  • Created a central hub (Hub) to house separate exhibition pavilions, VR art galleries, and lounge areas.
  • Added new characters and drones.
  • Created a futuristic elevator teleporter, for easy movement between sectors and exhibition halls. Also needed to help users adapt to VR environments.
  • Added a new exhibition sector for Newcom-NDT with the company’s interactive equipment, educational quests and simulations. They’ve also added special robot assistants and drones to the space.
  • Added a full-featured exhibition viewer using VR glasses. Created a tutorial on how to interact with VR users in the VR Expo World app.
  • New features in VR: Moving around on foot or by teleportation. And the ability to switch directly in-game, showing an icon on your hand.
  • New features in VR and PC modes: A mini-map that shows up on the user’s hand. This gives you an understanding of where the user is and how to get to the right booth.
  • Added the ability to pull objects into the hand at a distance (available for VR mode).
  • Added controller vibration in VR mode (if you hit an object or have special functions for the object).
  • Added a system of tips in VR mode. Displayed near the controller. Tooltips appear in key places, as well as for objects that the user has taken in the hand.
  • Updated graphics settings.
  • Augmented the pause menu in VR mode.
  • Added English version of the app (beta).
  • Added a sit/stand game mode for VR (can be switched on the go).
  • When doing some tutorial quests in VR mode, users need to sit down to understand the technical processes better. A feature has been added for this and the user can do this with a key on the controller.
  • The download system has been updated.
  • Render type of the entire project has been adjusted, and the overall optimization of VR Expo World has been done.

Also draw your attention that on july 17, 2021 the conditions of use of our service have changed. With updated conditions you can read here.

The updated Beta version of the app is already available on the website. To download the application, you will need to fill in a short form on the main page. After that you will receive a link to download the archive. Unzip the archive to any convenient location and run the file VrExpo.exe


If you find any bugs, please write us at info@localhost with the note “Bug”.

We hope that you will appreciate all the features of VR Expo. We would also love to get feedback from you about the app. You can write to us on our pages in social media (links at the bottom of the page) or send your feedback to our e-mail. We will answer all your questions.

We offer you a detailed video review of the Newcom-NDT sector.

Предлагаем вашему вниманию подробный видео обзор сектора компании «Ньюком-НДТ».