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RayCraft is a manufacturer of portable X-ray generators and crawlers for industrial radiography. The company specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of X-ray generators, radiographic crawlers, development machines and stationary units. The company occupies unique position on the market of non-destructive testing equipment due to low prices policy and high quality of products.

Company website:

Project implementation

In the process of designing and creating the virtual presentation space for RayCraft equipment, the following work was done:

  • Drafted the brief based on the provided references and customer input
  • Studied all the necessary technical documentation (drawings, instructions, data sheets, certificates)
  • Took lots of photos and videos to get the most accurate detail of the equipment we placed at the virtual show
  • Drawn two models of the equipment
  • Designed and decorated 2 virtual pavilions, 1 passageway, 16 booths and 3 holographic panels
  • Approved 3-D models uploaded to a secure server, making them available to all visitors to VR Expo World
  • Transferred the finished graphics to the customer for later use.

Placement results

2 models of equipment


20 exhibition stands for equipment and its individual elements


13 interactive equipment actions


2 modes of equipment demonstration


Visualization of hidden processes in equipment operation.


Promo material (reviews + trailers) for the presentation.


In the future, RayCraft has integrated the ability to view the exhibition with VR glasses with the addition of an option.

Equipment Models