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VR Expo. The idea for the virtual exhibition

The promotion and advertising of manufactured equipment for industrial companies is a hot topic. Using various methods of advertising, it is possible to achieve very good results. One of the methods of advertising is participation in all kinds of exhibitions and industrial forums.

Here you can present your equipment or new models, get to know your competitors better, see new products, etc. For companies that are new on the market it is an opportunity to make a statement, but… Most companies are disappointed with the results of exhibitions because of the low payback or passive participation of visitors.



VR Expo - идея создания виртуальной выставки

For new companies, the costs of participating in such events sometimes become “unaffordable.” Having compared reviews about the industrial exhibitions, you can find a lot more disadvantages, as well as problems related to their conduct.

Unique offer

Having analyzed all the advantages and disadvantages of exhibitions, the idea was born to create something similar and accessible to all companies-exhibitors and visitors from all regions, transferring exhibitions to the virtual space.