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VR Technology. Video overview of the VR Expo World virtual exhibition.

What is VR: Utopia, science fiction or modern reality? Not long ago, VR technology was something out of the realm of science fiction, but today users can plunge into the virtual world with the help of VR glasses and a special headset. Game and app developers also use new technologies and create interesting content to attract users. And if with games everything is more or less clear, with VR-applications things are much more interesting. This can be both simulations of the real environment, 360 tours, with educational material, and full-fledged applications with the possibility of training (whether it is developing materials for children or training in the interaction with the complex technological equipment). The VR Expo World project team has created the optimal solution by combining a technological virtual exhibition with the possibility of learning to work with the equipment, adding to all this elements of the game. This makes the learning process much more interesting and entertaining.

We have prepared for you a brief survey, which will touch on the topic of VR technology, and tell you why VR Expo World virtual exhibition was created, what functionality has already been implemented and what the project team is working on at the moment. You will also find out about the possibilities and advantages which the virtual exhibition gives to the companies, employees and regular users. You can watch the new video review on our YouTube channel, as well as on our official pages in social media.