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Application Update. VR technologies at the virtual exhibition.

The VR Expo World project team is working on integrating virtual and augmented reality technologies within the application. RayCraft has added the ability to visit the sector with VR goggles. Now users will be able to choose in what format to visit the virtual exhibition and how to interact with the equipment: the classic method, with keyboard and mouse control, or plunge into the virtual world with a virtual reality helmet. Work is also underway to create an equipment sector for another industrial company. In the sector of the new company will be implemented at once the possibility of visiting the virtual exhibition with the help of VR glasses and controllers. The functionality in the new sector will be expanded: it will be possible to move the equipment, to learn to work with the equipment by means of passing special quests.
In the near future a major upgrade of VR Expo World application with updated functionality and integrated possibility to visit the virtual exhibition with the help of VR glasses is planned. The addition of a new industrial company sector and the expansion of the virtual exhibition complex is of great interest to both app users and other industrial companies. Right now we can’t reveal to you a list of all the technical features being implemented. But we can tell you for sure that it will be a cool exhibition sector with the possibility of learning how to work with equipment and a whole field laboratory in a virtual space!
Get early access to the app VR Expo World and follow the project news on our website. All the most interesting things are just beginning!