Virtual exhibition with an official certificate.

Registration of an application for a virtual exhibition in the register of computer programs

March 2nd, 2021

The virtual exhibition VR Expo World received a certificate of state registration in the register of computer programs.

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What does this mean for our users and new exhibiting companies? We have already written in our reviews and news more than once about further plans for the development of the project and attracting an increasing number of users, company representatives, and exhibitors. This means that we are committed to serious work and further development of both the virtual exhibition VR Expo World itself and the popularization of VR technologies.

The certificate was issued by Rospatent to the General Director of the VR Expo World project as the official representative of the company in the Russian Federation. But it should be understood that behind the project there is a whole team of developers who work for the common good and development of the virtual exhibition. It is especially worth highlighting the contribution of the main developer Sergey Shevtsov, for his dedication and extensive contribution to the development of VR Expo World. We also express our gratitude to the forum “” for informational support of the project in the field of non-destructive testing (NDT).

Our work has been approved by companies such as Epic Games and Oculus. Cooperating with us is RONKTD (Russian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics), forum “” , companies “Newcom-NDT” and “RayCraft”. The interest in VR Expo World on the part of manufacturing companies is constantly growing. This format of exhibitions allows you to add variety to the presentation process or create a full-fledged training course on working with equipment. Obtaining this certificate once again confirms that we are moving in the right direction to implement our ambitious plans!



Certificate of registration in the register of computer programs


The VR Expo World project development team are real professionals in their field, each of whom makes an invaluable contribution to the development of the project. Starting with one exhibition sector and a desktop version of the application, we managed to launch the VR version of the application in a short time, as well as work out showrooms for Newcom-NDT and general exhibition pavilions for new exhibitors. Work is underway to integrate new opportunities for the virtual exhibition and attract companies from various industries. Users of the VR Expo World application will be able to see at our virtual exhibition not only representatives of industrial companies, but also designers (exhibition sectors with full interior decoration), and even artists (a virtual exhibition of works of art and art installations).

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