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Development of the virtual exhibition VR Expo World. New features and improvements added

A virtual equipment exhibition should not only present equipment, but also give users and exhibiting companies opportunities that such offline events cannot offer.

The new version of VR Expo World adds new features and opportunities to interact with equipment. Users now have the ability to disassemble a model of the equipment placed in an exhibitor’s showroom, seeing the individual elements hidden inside the enclosure.


Transparency mode is added. In this mode, the enclosure becomes “translucent”, giving the opportunity to consider the internal structure of the equipment, the location of the components of the equipment, while not disassembling it. The “model inspection” function allows users to rotate the equipment, looking at it from different angles.

It is also possible to include inscriptions of the names of individual pieces of equipment. All of these modes can be combined by users to view and examine the equipment in detail.


Развитие виртуальной выставки VR Expo World. Добавлены новые возможности и улучшения

Work with lighting. The lighting in the complex has been improved to be more “natural” and pleasant. Structures and elements in the corridor are backlit. The interactive futuristic elements themselves, placed on the walls of the corridor, have received a certain resemblance to real equipment.

Each individual element tells about one of the company’s technologies, the work process, or provides the user with information about the technology of the industry as a whole.

The main difference between online exhibitions and exhibitions in the classical sense of it, is the enhanced capabilities of the former. And this is really a big plus. After all, users can not only look at the equipment model from the outside, but also look inside, see in different modes and from all angles, see the fundamental structure and even the operation of the equipment.

Also online exhibitions unite a greater number of companies and users, overcoming distances and giving the opportunity to keep abreast of innovations.

Whether to attend online trade shows or opt for the classic ones, wasting your time on travel and fabulous amounts of money to attend the event and place equipment, it is up to the users to decide.

However, online shows are growing in popularity. Many companies have already made their choice, gradually moving to a new format for the presentation of their equipment. Now the choice is yours.