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RayCraft is the first exhibitor at VR Expo World

We are glad to inform our users and everyone who follows the development of the project in social networks about the addition of the first exhibitor in the virtual exhibition complex VR Expo World. RayCraft Company specializes in the production of equipment for nondestructive testing and flaw detection.

The company will be presenting two models of equipment: an X-ray generator (to detect latent defects in welded joints) and a crawler (a special all-wheel-drive vehicle for delivering the X-ray generator to the weld spot in the pipe space of the pipeline).


The sector of the company, as well as its individual elements, was created taking into account the specialization of the company. The first stages included the creation of prototypes of the corridor and exhibition rooms. The futuristic style of the complex again emphasizes RayCraft technology.

Color scheme was chosen based on the corporate colors of the company. The corridor has interactive elements which, one way or another, allude to the company’s technology.

If you look closely, they are based on some elements from the company’s real equipment. Some users of the VR Expo World app might mistake it for some kind of game. Yes, indeed, upon entering the corridor of the complex, it may initially seem like just another interesting game with high-quality graphics and great gameplay.

But that’s not quite the case. Why not exactly? On the one hand it is a technological exhibition of equipment, and on the other… we are trying to present information to users in a more interesting, game-like format. This, in turn, makes a good impression about the exhibiting company and helps to better remember the technological nuances. The exhibition complex began to take on a truly technological look.

Stages of adding equipment

Working with RayCraft representatives we approached the ideal proportions inside the complex and created full virtual models of the equipment. The presented models in the RayCraft sector can be disassembled into components, and the assembled model can be viewed in transparency mode (individual elements can be seen through the hull).

In demonstration mode, users will be able to see how the equipment works, familiarize themselves with the operating parameters, as well as to visually see what in the real world is hidden from human eyes. But for the users to really appreciate the results of our labors, a lot of time and steps have been passed to create the virtual models of the equipment.


RayCraft – первый экспонент VR Expo World

There are many steps involved to add equipment:

  • viewing equipment drawings;
  • photos of equipment;
  • selection of video forotyping;
  • prototyping by measurements based on data;
  • Create high-polygonal model based on type;
  • optimize the model;
  • model unwrapping for later texturing;
  • disassembling the model into basic units;
  • making texture maps/texturing;
  • tests;
  • integration into the UE engine;
  • work with animation and logic;
  • adjusting lighting and materials;
  • postprocess.

In the future, we hope that the features of VR Expo World will be appreciated not only by our users, but also by the equipment manufacturers and other technology companies, because VR Expo World – new technologies and the world of the future that are available now.