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The first working prototypes. Features of the first version of VR Expo World

The creation and simulation of the first exhibition prototype of the equipment in the VR Expo World virtual exhibition space – the RayCraft X-Ray generator – has been completed. In fact, one of the major milestones for a VR Expo exhibiting company has passed. The virtual model has been created!

However, the first model is just the equipment itself, which is placed on an empty platform and has limited functionality. It was at this stage, after integrating the equipment model into VR Expo World, that the display, quality and other details of the presented sample were tested.


At the same time, together with the exhibiting company, the concept and style of the exhibition sector was agreed and the first sketches of the virtual exhibition space were made.

Modeling of the exhibition space


Первые рабочие прототипы. Возможности первой версии VR Expo World

Separate sectors of exhibiting companies have been created to house equipment in the virtual space. Each sector has a corridor, connecting the exhibition halls of the companies in a single, virtual complex.

Design of the corridor space implies placing special interactive elements on the walls, pointers, as well as holographic panels with information about the exhibitor.

The complex has a futuristic style and emphasizes the technological nature of the virtual exhibition. Depending on the company presented, the corridors can have different design, interactive elements, etc.

The exhibition halls of the exhibiting companies are separate rooms where the equipment is located. Design, shape of halls and design may also differ from our proposed options and have an individual, corporate style.

VR Expo World Exhibition Complex has a modular solution. This means that companies can expand the exhibition space of their sector and add new models of equipment for presentation at the virtual exhibition.

Features of the first version of VR Expo World

At this stage, the complex was given a corridor space and one exhibition room with a RayCraft model of an X-ray generator on display.

Visitors to the virtual exhibition, entering the corridor space, can interact with the interactive elements placed on the walls of the corridor, study information about the company and the technologies presented in the sector, and enter the exhibition room of the X-ray generator.

In the generator room, users can examine both the entire equipment and its individual components. Some user interaction features have been added to the presented model of the equipment.

The VR Expo World complex continues to develop dynamically. The functionality of the virtual exhibition is to be expanded step by step, adding new features for users and exhibiting companies.

We are currently working on the creation of another show room with RayCraft equipment, as well as the functionality of the virtual exhibition. All of this, users will be able to see in the near future!

The virtual exhibition is a new step in the development of advertising and presentation technologies.