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New features and elements for interaction with equipment

R Expo World continues to evolve and improve the virtual space by adding new features and elements. The possibility for users to interact with the equipment inside the exhibition is undoubtedly our advantage over similar offline exhibitions.

But we shouldn’t forget about the users’ convenience. It is for them we are trying to make the exhibition even better, and the exhibiting companies are giving new opportunities not only to present their equipment, but also to train their staff in a virtual environment, create thematic sectors, lecture halls, museums of enterprises, etc. What’s new in the latest update?


Новые возможности и элементы для взаимодействия с оборудованием

In the new version of the VR Expo World app (a sector of RayCraft), the X-Ray generator has a special remote to enable equipment testing mode. The remote is designed in a futuristic style.

The element itself, is abstract and made solely for the opportunity to run the process of demonstrating the work of the equipment.

User has to walk up to the control panel and press the button, and then starts a demonstration of RayCraft X-Ray generator operation. The door to the exam room will be blocked.

In the real world, the door is blocked in order to avoid the harmful effects of X-rays on the human body, and since the virtual exhibition is as close to the real world as possible, here too we try to meet offline standards.

But let’s continue with our little review. Above the entrance to the showroom there is a special scoreboard, on which the user can also read the test parameters of the equipment in the room.

By the way, if we open the door to the showroom, the X-ray generator demonstration process stops, as does the generator itself. It’s just like in the real world.

The company plans to develop separate examination rooms, where users will be able not only to see all the modes of the equipment in detail, but also to learn how to operate complex equipment, to study the sequence of operations, etc.

A logical chain of actions embedded in the algorithm of working with the equipment will ensure conditions as close to the real ones as possible. The advantage of these methods of training is that the training takes place in a safe environment where you are allowed to make mistakes and try again and again, honing and memorizing each sequence of your actions.

Also, information that comes in a game format that is not boring is remembered faster, and the learning process is much easier. A great addition to everything is that employees can remotely learn how to use the equipment.

Online exhibits are beginning to gain popularity. It is promoted by many factors, starting from availability and relatively low price and ending with a wide coverage of audience and possibility for companies to present their equipment in a new way.

We, in turn, offer companies almost unlimited opportunities of our online exhibition, with enhanced functionality and opportunities not only to present their equipment, but also to train employees to interact with the equipment in a safe VR environment.