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New exhibitors and expansion of VR Expo World virtual exhibition complex

At the exhibition “Territory NDT 2020”, held from 3 to 5 March in Moscow (CMT “Expocentre”), were signed partnership agreements with manufacturers of industrial equipment. Great interest among the visitors to our booth aroused by new technologies, presentation and promotion of products without direct participation in the exhibition activities. Representatives of one of the companies have expressed a desire for further cooperation with VR Expo World and add their equipment to the world of virtual exhibitions. Relevant agreements have been signed and the project implementation plan has been drawn up. At the moment all the necessary materials are being coordinated and collected. The project team is developing the terms of reference and other aspects necessary for creating a full-fledged exhibition hall.

At this stage of cooperation with the new company, we can’t reveal all the details of the future exhibitor. Right now all we can say is that it will be a very cool exhibition sector with new functionality and the ability to learn how to use the equipment! Interactive elements, game-like training, a lot of hints and information necessary for the visitors of the VR Expo World virtual exhibition complex will not leave users indifferent.

The expansion of the VR Expo World virtual exhibition allows to interest more and more users and representatives of companies from all over the world. The wide coverage of the audience, no restrictions on the time of the exhibition give companies an advantage over their competitors. The decision to add a new exhibiting company shows that we are moving in the right direction. The complex is gradually evolving into a real virtual exhibition space with a multitude of exhibitors. VR Expo World is able to complement, and even compete, with any offline event!