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New additions to the VR Expo World virtual technology exhibition. New equipment model added

VR Expo World, a virtual technology exhibition, continues to evolve. RayCraft has added an additional exhibit hall in the sector that houses another model of the exhibiting company’s equipment (the RayCraft Crawler).

The crawler (literally “tractor”) is a special mobile unit designed to bring an x-ray generator to the site of the welded joint inside the pipeline for further exposure (imaging) of the welded joint.


New VR Expo World Virtual Technology Exhibition. New equipment model added.


Новинки виртуальной технологической выставки VR Expo World. Добавлена новая модель оборудования

Equipped with all-wheel drive, special mounts for the X-ray generator and all kinds of sensors. In the new showroom you can see the full model of the crawler (placed in the center of the showroom), as well as individual parts and pieces of equipment (placed around the perimeter of the showroom).

Also, VR Expo World users are given the opportunity to interact with the equipment by pressing the appropriate buttons. It is no problem to read the information about each part! The information can be both informative and educational.

What can you see that you can’t at offline shows

Pretty much everything! Users can not only see a complete model of the crawler, with a detailed description of the equipment and its individual parts, but also interact with the presented equipment.

Don’t you agree that taking the equipment apart and seeing what parts are inside is a lot more interesting than just walking around a static model displayed at the show?

Transparency mode and the ability to disassemble the equipment into individual components allow any user to do this “trick”. Each item is correspondingly signed (the mode of displaying item signatures can be deactivated).

The virtual exhibition not only saves exhibiting companies money for participation in exhibitions, but also gives new presentation possibilities with unlimited functionality.

Lighting Work

VR Expo World developers are not only working on new models of equipment and placing exhibiting companies in new sectors of the technological virtual exhibition, but also creating a comfortable environment to get acquainted with the presented equipment. So, in the new version, the lighting of the complex has been worked out. Now it changes depending on what time is set on your PC.

In the windows located inside the complex, depending on the time of day, you can see either the sun or the moon, which move according to their natural trajectory (as in the real world).

In the future, it is planned to add new modes of interaction between users and equipment, to run a demonstration mode of the equipment, work on the set parameters, as well as to see the results of test runs in the operating mode of the equipment.

Essentially, the virtual exhibition of equipment and technology is a new leap into the future, which has already happened. Be among the first to join the companies exhibiting at the VR Expo World virtual exhibition complex, keep an eye on industrial innovations and discover new horizons!