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A new art gallery at VR Expo World!

Good news for authors, creators, collectors and connoisseurs of contemporary art. The project team is working on a completely new sector, the NFT Gallery C-1, specifically for the new exhibition. The interior of the gallery will be Romanesque. Various sculptures and corresponding elements of decoration will supplement the space of the gallery.

But, let’s get acquainted with the collection of works of art that will be presented in the gallery. “Art of Blockchain” is the name of the famous collection of works related to blockchain technology. It is well-known among crypto-enthusiasts. Paintings from the “Art of Blockchain” collection are a symbiosis of modern art and modern technology. Each work is a unique work of art, carrying deep meaning, embodying the “blockchain” technology. The collection, which will be presented at the gallery, includes 5 works. The main work of the collection is the work “Cryptomother” (or as it is also called “Crypto Mona Lisa”). The creator of the cryptocurrency Ethereum, Vitaly Buterin, appreciated this work of art and autographed the original painting of the cryptocurrency “Mona Lisa”.

All of the works in this collection are real works of art painted in oil on canvas. The works have been exhibited at various blockchain conferences around the world.

The first spots in the gallery are already booked and work is underway to place them. But, you can still place your works and works of art in the same gallery as the famous crypto “Mona Lisa” signed by Vitalik Buterin himself. You can leave an application to place your works on the site or write us in personal messages (for social media).