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NFT Art Gallery at VR Expo World

We are pleased to inform our users about the upcoming launch of a brand new exhibition space, VR NFT Gallery.


VR Expo World is a virtual world on your PC.

Many of our users often ask questions comparing VR Expo World to a game, 360 panorama, or even a catalog site. This is because the very concept of a “virtual exhibition” is rather vague. There are many browser-based panoramic exhibitions, the perception of which by users has changed a lot. Limited, dry picture and no additional functionality. We have nothing against panoramic exhibitions, but we think they are already “last century”. That is why we have created a full-fledged virtual exhibition, in which the user can fully immerse himself with VR glasses. VR Expo World is a special application we created, in which various industrial sectors as well as the arts sector have been implemented. In the industrial sectors of companies we place virtual models of equipment of technological companies, create a stylized interior and supplement the functionality of the application with various educational quests. In the arts sector, we create virtual galleries that host the works of our users, various authors and creators. These can be digital or digitized paintings, photographs, 2D/3D models and sculptures, short videos, etc.

The app features 2 modes of user interaction with the virtual world: control and view with a PC; view and control with a VR headset (glasses + controllers) by pre-installing the app on a PC.


What is a virtual art gallery and what is NFT?

The Virtual Art Gallery is a space in the virtual VR Expo World where we display different works of authors (photos, paintings, 3D models, etc.). Each of the works occupies its own place in the exhibition hall. Next to the works there are stands with the name of the work, the name of the author and a link to the author’s Instagram. Think of a regular museum or gallery. Here it’s the same, only you can visit it without even leaving home.

The gallery seems to make sense. But what about NFT? It’s a fairly new technology to the world, inextricably linked to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The abbreviation NFT (non-fungible tokens) translates as “non-interchangeable token”. Each such token is unique, it cannot be replaced or counterfeited, and all information about its author, buyer, and all transactions with it are securely stored in the blockchain. In simple words, NFT is a digital certificate attached to a work of art (any digital or digitized work) or any other object. The user who owns the certificate (NFT) is the owner of the digital artwork (or other digital object) or the owner of the actual artwork (object). And such technologies in art are just the beginning. Thus, the Hermitage, announced its plans to hold an exhibition of works executed in the NFT format, and the artist Mike Winkelmann received a record $ 69 million for his NFT painting.

In our blog we will try to introduce you more about NFT technologies, tell you what blockchain is and how cryptocurrencies are connected to the art world. Follow further VR Expo World news on our website, on instagram and on our channel on YouTube