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Quests and virtual learning. What awaits users in the new version of VR Expo World.

New features, quests and virtual learning. These are the innovations that will be implemented in the virtual exhibition VR Expo World. And while our team is working on updating the application, we’ll tell you more about what awaits users with the release of the new version of the virtual exhibition:


Adding the ability to view the virtual exhibition with VR glasses.

Users will now be able to choose their own VR Expo World viewing mode. VR glasses and a special headset will help visitors to the virtual exhibition fully immerse themselves in the technological virtual space. This will fundamentally change the way you think about virtual exhibitions. More realism, more opportunities and emotions are waiting for you in the sectors of the exhibiting companies.


New exhibitor with the presented models of equipment.

We have mentioned in our social media that VR Expo World team is working on a new exhibitor company sector with virtual models of equipment. At the moment we are in the process of creating and integrating the new company into the global virtual exhibition space.

What awaits our users in the new exhibition sector:

  • New models of equipment.
  • New interactive elements.
  • New showrooms and outdoor spaces for “testing” equipment.
  • Quests for flaw detectors and the opportunity to learn how to use the equipment (both in the lab and in the “field”). During training in a virtual environment, the conditions are created as close to real, which allows you to thoroughly study the working processes and take into account all the nuances in the further operation of the equipment. Employees can learn how to operate the equipment and special software will point out the mistakes the user makes.
  • Visit the exhibitor’s sector with virtual reality glasses.

Central Hub VR Expo World.

A shared pavilion (Hub, Central Hub) is under construction where companies can set up a small booth with some mockups of equipment or other information. This is a great opportunity for companies to enjoy the benefits of a virtual exhibition, as well as to attract new customers and to present their equipment in a new format. This offer will be an economical variant of placement, with limited functionality, without creating a separate sector of the company.

We plan to create several hubs for different industries. Each hub will have a custom design and style tailored to a specific industry.

This is just the beginning of our big journey, to create a global virtual exhibition complex. By making exhibitions more accessible and closer, we are advancing technology and bringing the future closer…