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RayCraft Crawler. New possibilities of interaction with the equipment. Hardware mode of operation

Another important event and innovation in the VR Expo World virtual exhibition. Added the ability to turn on the test mode and see how the equipment works. This innovation is implemented in the sector of the company RayCraft, equipment – crawler.

Test mode to demonstrate the equipment is designed to familiarize users with the process of working of the equipment, to get an idea of the functions and working parameters of the equipment.


To start the demonstration mode of the equipment, you need to enter the exhibition room with the model, walk up to the equipment and press the demonstration button. The demonstration mode will start. In this case, when starting the demonstration, the room with the crawler, provides for the appearance of additional elements.

In the form of a holographic image, displays a part of the pipeline. Inside the pipeline itself moves crawler, with attached to him X-ray generator (in the form of a hologram), to the place of the weld.

In the place of the weld a magnetope and a special film is placed, which will further show how the weld is “lit” and whether it has defects. Each element has explanatory inscriptions.

During the demonstration of the equipment operation users can hear the speech of an announcer, telling about the tasks of the equipment or the work process itself.

Crawler – special equipment for bringing the X-ray generator to the place of the welded joint inside the pipelines, for subsequent exposure and detection of hidden defects.


Кроулер компании RayCraft. Новые возможности взаимодействия с оборудованием. Режим работы оборудования

During an exposure, users can see a visualization of the x-ray radiation during the test mode. This makes it possible to understand how another piece of equipment, the X-ray generator, works, and to see the direction of the X-rays.

The sounds made by the crawler during the test mode are the real sounds of the equipment during the working process, recorded and integrated into the VR Expo World virtual exhibition.

This approach to detail gives VR Expo World users a complete picture of the equipment itself, its constituent elements, operation, and other metrics.

In the future, with the help of expanded functionality and the appearance of separate viewing rooms, users can not only see the equipment in test mode, but also to control it, as well as learn how to work with complex equipment and even individual technological objects.

Present new equipment or advertise existing ones, learn, develop, and keep up with industry innovations and new technologies together with VR Expo World.