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Final report on the work done and achievements of the VR Expo World project in 2020.

January 11th, 2021

VR space

Elevator teleport. VR Expo World Central Hub


Virtual reality technology continues to evolve rapidly. Every year there are more and more applications and projects adapted to the capabilities of the VR environment. New technologies of virtual reality allow us not only to play colorful games with full immersion in the gameplay, but also to study, learn something new. You can look at world sights or visit a virtual exhibition without leaving your home right now. We also continue to develop our virtual exhibition project, adding new opportunities for our users and making the VR exhibition more interesting. The VR Expo World project team has prepared a short report in which we will try to summarize all our achievements and the work done over the past, 2020.

Генеральный директор VR Expo World

Andrey Vasiliev Founder and CEO of VR Expo World

Participation in the forum “Territory NDT 2020″ and a new exhibitor VR Expo World .

In March 2020, representatives of VR Expo World, headed by the General Director – Andrey Viktorovich Vasiliev, took part in international forum for non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics “NDT 2020 Territory”. This forum was interesting because a large number of companies – equipment manufacturers, as well as suppliers and official distributors took part in it. Companies showed great interest in our stand and interest in new opportunities to promote their products. At the forum, a partnership agreement was signed with Newcom-NDT to create a new exhibition sector in VR Expo World and add the company’s equipment to the virtual exhibition.

RONKTD and non-destructive testing

Andrey Vasiliev General Director of VR Expo World and President of RONKTD Vladimir Syasko

Working on a new exhibition sector for the company Newcom-NDT.

After concluding an agreement with Newcom-NDT, the developers of VR Expo World began to implement their plans to create a new exhibition sector in the virtual space. The following work has been done:

  • A complete technical specification and logic tables have been drawn up, prototypes of equipment models have been created.
  • The logic of work in the sector (at the same time, work is underway on the PC and VR versions).
  • The premises of the exhibition sector are located (corridor, showroom, laboratory assistant’s room, walkways, etc.).
  • An open space has been created to implement the possibility of training in working with equipment in the field (passing special training quests).
  • Separate interactive elements and items necessary for working with virtual equipment models have been created.

VR exhibition

Radiation protection chamber. Sector Newcom-NDT

Integration VR and two modes of viewing a virtual exhibition.

Initially, in the VR Expo World application, it was possible to view the exhibition only using a PC. Control was also carried out using a keyboard and a computer mouse. In 2020, we have implemented the ability to view the exhibition using VR glasses. Now users of our application can choose the exhibition viewing mode that suits them. It should be noted that companies are very interested in adapting their exhibition sectors specifically for viewing in VR glasses. This gives undeniable advantages in the presentation of equipment.

VR open space

Open space. Sector Newcom-NDT

Bundles VR headsets from Oculus and participation in the program Oculus Start .

After integrating VR viewing of the exhibition, we sent an application for participation in the Oculus Start program. Oculus encourages VR app and game developers to provide free Oculus Quest hardware kits for testing VR apps and games. VR Expo World is on the list of recipients of VR headset kits from Oculus. A nice bonus for us to complement the Oculus Quest kits is the branded merchandise. We thank Oculus for providing the VR headset kits and for having a great program like Oculus Start that really helps developers push VR technology forward.

MegaGrant from Epic Games .

Another significant event for us that happened in 2020 and about which we wrote earlier. Epic Games has allocated MegaGrant to the VR Expo World project for further development of the project. Part of the funds went to the development of a separate central hub (hub) for exhibiting companies, as well as to popularize virtual exhibitions and VR technologies.


Development of the central hub (“hub”) and stands in the common pavilion VR Expo World .

Actually, about the most central node. This is a separate space where stands with various equipment of exhibiting companies will be presented. The development of the “hub” began in 2020. Currently implemented: elevator model, common frame and floors, 2 pavilions (without filling), hall, central column and bridges, a set of various stands for the presentation of companies’ equipment.

Prototype exhibition stand

An example of a rack for placing equipment models. VR Expo World Central Hub

The common pavilion will allow companies with a small budget to save money on the creation of their exhibition sector, but at the same time place equipment at the virtual exhibition VR Expo World.


Multitasking and general development of the project.

In addition to the main work in the VR Expo World application, we also worked on improving the site, continuing to cover all stages of the project’s development and sharing interesting and useful information in our social media. media. In 2020, the internal and external optimization of the site was carried out, security errors were fixed, the mobile version of the site was adapted.

Also, they began to write about us in the media and on thematic sites (journal on non-destructive testing “NDT Territory”, as well as the thematic site UE4 Daily)

We continue to develop our project in the social. media, promoting VR technologies and virtual exhibitions, in particular, adding new opportunities for our users. On our channel on YouTube, we post videos demonstrating the VR capabilities of the exhibition, and also answer your questions in the comments. You can send your questions and suggestions in the messages of our official communities in social. networks facebook, vk and instagram.

The VR Expo World project team continues to work in multitasking mode. Despite the small team of our team, we set big goals and continue to develop our project, making it even more interesting and useful for both companies and users. Read about our plans for the further development of the project, as well as what new awaits our users at the virtual exhibition VR Expo World in 2021, in our next news.


Virtual assistant

Drone assistant. Company sector

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