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The first auction and a place in the VR gallery. We’re on

We are pleased to announce that we have put up our first lot on the marketplace. As our first lot, we put up one space in our virtual VR NFT Gallery. Now anyone who wants to place their work in our art gallery can buy the lot at auction. You can read more about the lot at link. We will enlarge our virtual gallery, offering the authors the most favorable conditions for placement. In the future, we plan to add some lots on the foundation, to place the works of authors at a reduced price, as well as some rental space for advertising your works. In the future, there will be NTF lots with unique virtual space robots, free advertising space, and other VR Expo World virtual world artifacts.

VR Expo World would like to thank Eugene Kormilitsyn for providing us with an invite to the, which is a closed site (artists can only register by invitation). After the sale of our first lot on the marketplace, we will hold a drawing for the invites among the subscribers of one of our accounts in the social networks. We will hold such drawings on a regular basis to thank you for your support and help in promoting the project in social media.

We also remind you that one berth in “VR NFT Gallery” will be given for one lucky draw (you may read about it in our past news). You can also learn more about the draw at our instagram.