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VR Gallery

Gallery Sector at VR Expo World

The interior of the gallery is designed in the romanesque style. Modern sculptures and decorative vases complement the gallery space. “NFT Gallery C-1”, with the “Art of Blockchain” collection, and the famous “CryptoMother”. “Art of Blockchain” is the name of the famous collection of works related to blockchain technology. “Art of Blockchain” collection is a symbiosis of modern art and modern technology. Each work is a unique work of art with deep meaning, embodying “blockchain” technology. The collection presented in the gallery includes 5 works. The main work of the collection is the work “Cryptomother” (or as it is also called “Crypto Mona Lisa”). The creator of Ethereum cryptocurrency, Vitaly Buterin, appreciated this artwork and autographed the original painting of the cryptocurrency “Mona Lisa”.

*All the works in this collection are real works of art, painted in oil on canvas. The works have been exhibited at various blockchain conferences around the world. These paintings are for sale on the NFT Stars Marketplace.