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Newcom NDT is the official distributor of Duerr NDT. The market leader in the supply of equipment for digital radiography. Jointly with scientific institutes and other companies of the industry Newcom-NDT conducts work on popularization of digital radiography, creation of normative base and development of new technologies of nondestructive testing. Software Development “Newcom-NDT” software for digital and computer radiography XVizor.

Company website:

Project implementation

In the course of creating the exhibition sector of the company “Newcom-NDT,” VR Expo World specialists carried out a large amount of work:

  • The terms of reference for the creation of the exhibition sector with the possibility of training with equipment (VR simulators and quests).
  • All the necessary technical documentation for the equipment models to be placed.
  • With the help of “Newcom-NDT” specialists, photographic and video material for creating virtual models of the equipment was taken.
  • Designed virtual models of the equipment with maximum detail.
  • Design and decoration of the company’s exhibition space, taking into account the company’s references and corporate style.
  • Designed the concept of a virtual training simulator, taking into account the logics of the users’ interaction with the equipment.
  • Adapt and customize the VR glasses option to view the company’s showroom.
  • Approved 3D models uploaded to a secure server with integration into the global exhibition space and access for all VR Expo World app users.
  • Created promotional materials (videos, teasers, renders) for advertising campaigns and social media.

Placement results

Showroom for 7 models of equipment.


Simulator of laboratory working conditions.


A training simulator of field conditions.


Several modes of equipment demonstration.


Connecting to the VR Expo World central hub and integrating into the global exhibition space.


Promo material (reviews + trailers) for the presentation


PC and VR PC modes


An animation to demonstrate the operation and options of the equipment.


Thanks to the VR technology and creation of the exhibition sector at the virtual exhibition, the company “Newcom-NDT” increased the potential reach of the audience and expanded geography of interaction with the users. Brand awareness has increased. The company also earned special attention due to technological innovations in equipment presentation, surpassing its industry competitors. The realized possibility of remote equipment training in the company’s exhibition sector also gives the company an advantage and interest among potential customers.

Equipment Models