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The Central Hub is a special space (Hub) that houses separate exhibition galleries (for both artists and industrial companies). In the Hub, users can see art galleries with unique works of authors, many booths for industrial companies, pavilions for the presentation of oversized equipment and even an impromptu pavilion for relaxation in the virtual space “Rian Garden”. In the hub space, you can find special assistant drones, improvised robots, holographic panels, and special holographic booths.

VR Expo World plans to continually develop the central hub, adding new exhibitors, virtual galleries, and continually updating functionality. In addition, the central hub serves as a nexus throughout VR Expo World and complements the virtual exhibit experience.

The implementation of the central hub project entails a step-by-step development of the hub. Updates are released on an ongoing basis, with the addition of new exhibitors, the expansion of exhibition space, or the updating of the functionality of the hub or the VR exhibition as a whole.

Equipment Models