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Answers to frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions.

May 1st, 2021

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about VR Expo World, the virtual exhibition sectors of companies, and our new VR NFT art gallery. We will try to answer the most frequently asked questions:


  1. What is VR Expo World and why do people and companies want to come to us?

Our project brings together companies with their equipment, 2D and 3D creators, and visitors from around the world. The exhibiting companies are housed in separate exhibition sectors (think of it as a separate area with a house). These sectors are completely different. Somewhere there is part of a factory standing. Somewhere there’s a lake with mountains. And some sector looks like a spaceship from the inside. Companies are given the opportunity to choose the design of the exhibition sector themselves. Usually, the sector accommodates both equipment models and a simulator, so that it is possible to work in a safe environment. For example, in real life it is a big problem to get into a factory and work on complex equipment. It is more convenient for the company to train an employee in VR first, even remotely. There can also be a showroom in a company’s sector to see equipment in VR “hands”, take it apart, see modes of operation, and so on. The interactive for each company is different.

All sectors are combined into a central hub (Hub). The Hub looks like a huge ball with floors. The Hub will have galleries, exhibition halls, interactive elements, pavilions, company equipment, and other attractions for VR.


  1. What is your VR gallery?
    • VR gallery in our project is not one. They will be located in a central hub (Hub). Accordingly, all visitors to any of the sectors of other companies, can enter the gallery.
    • The gallery can host essentially almost anything: 2D/3D/panoramas/interactive.
    • When you post a work, you get a space assigned to you. Your details and the title of the work and links are specified. You get a branded teaser with your work + renders.
    • You can also sell your work on any NFT or non-NFT marketplace along with your spot in the VR gallery. This increases the value of your work many times over, because collectors are more interested in buying your work with a spot in the gallery they visit than they are in just the picture.

Every person who buys a spot in the VR gallery gets a unique NFT (a kind of digital certificate on the blockchain that proves ownership of the virtual gallery space.


Fill out this form to apply for gallery space and for terms and prices.


  1. I filled out the form to post my work in the VRNFT gallery. When will I be contacted?

We review all entries within 24 hours. You can quickly contact a representative of the company by writing to us on direct Instagram, telegram, or by writing a message on other social media (links at the bottom of the page). You can also email us at info@localhost.

We are also reviewing the entries submitted for the “VR NFT Gallery” lottery, and we would like to wait for more participants to fill out the form so we can give away free space. This will also make for a nicer experience for the rest of the gallery participants (since the more people there are, the cheaper the seat may be).

We’ll be sure to contact anyone who fills out the form.



  1. Is your project only working in VR?

No. Our project will run in both VR and PC mode.


  1. Are you an official company?

Yes. We are registered in the Russian Federation (office in Moscow). We have certificate for our application. Supported by Epic Games and Oculus for the development of this project.


  1. Can I buy a seat from you for something other than crypto?

Yes you can. We will discuss comfortable terms with everyone.


  1. I saw robots and stuff in your project on instagram. Can I buy them from NFT or, for example, can I voice them, put my logo on them?

-Yes, we will provide the ability to buy a robot to fly around a central hub, for example, and perform certain actions. You will be able to voice it. You can design completely your robot, in your company color, with your company logo and all the visitors can see it.


  1. Where can I get the technical details quickly?

You can email us at instagram, telegram, send a message to FB or VK, or to our email: info@localhost


  1. What about the environment? I’ve heard that NFT is not environmentally friendly. 

The question is why exactly NFT is not environmentally friendly. Basically, it uses “blockchain” technology, to create smart contracts and unique “digital certificates” (let’s call them that). And all the “non-greenness” has to do with power plant emissions. After all, electricity is needed to continuously access the NFT, to create, as well as to keep the bochain running. It turns out that the use of computers (and any electrical appliance in principle) is not environmentally friendly. But. Compared to usual exhibitions, where you spend tons of paper just to create advertising leaflets, or the emissions associated with transporting exhibited equipment, a virtual exhibition is several times more environmentally friendly. Besides, our company regularly donates money to charity (including WWF). With the addition of the virtual gallery and NFT we also make donations to the WWF from every NFT sold.


  1. And in VR is the earth round or flat? : )
    We can make it square on one side and round on the other 😉


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