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Industrial companies and equipment manufacturers
Industrial companies and equipment manufacturers
  • Demonstration of equipment in VR, creation of your virtual exhibition sector
  • 3D visualization of objects, technological lines and installations.
  • Creation of training simulators for staff.
  • Promotion of your business, VR presentations, creation of promotional videos and content.
Artists, photographers, 2D / 3D creators and artists
Artists, photographers, 2D / 3D creators and artists
  • Submitting works to the virtual art gallery.
  • Creation of promotional materials (videos, renders) promotion of your work in the social. media.
  • Tokenizing your work and creating an NFT with which you can immortalize your work of art (powered by blockchain technology).
  • Rent or lifetime purchase of a seat from VR NFT Gallery, with the creation of a separate NFT in your place and the possibility of its further sale.
Developers, real estate agencies. Travel agencies, landscape parks.
Developers, real estate agencies. Travel agencies, landscape parks.
  • Creating a virtual building layout
  • Visualization of future apartments and complexes using VR / AR technologies.
  • An opportunity for your clients to experiment with the interior and design, adaptation to the needs of users.
  • Creation of individual “residential complexes” in VR simulator for presentation to clients. These can be apartments, private estates or entire complexes.
  • Create virtual tours and excursions.
  • Creation of panoramic video clips and promotion in social media, as well as in the VR Expo World app
  • Create virtual quests.
Additional services
Additional services
  • VR / AR for offline live exhibition
  • Promotion and “packaging” of the project
  • Clip / Roller / Film Production
  • Visual Effects
  • Complex editing and sound
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D / 2D Animation
  • SMM promotion
  • Web Design / Turnkey Website
  • Connecting your existing VR application to our ecosystem (virtual showroom network)

How it works

Для посетителей
For artists
- I -
Check out the possibilities of VR Expo World on the website and social media of the project
- II -
Fill out the form describing the style / genre of your work, what exactly you plan to post (illustration / photo, animation / video, 3D model), etc.
- III -
After filling out the form, wait for the application to be reviewed. It usually takes no more than 3 days
- IV -
After approval, we post your work in the VR NFT Gallery, and also transfer the author to the permanent / temporary ownership of the NFT, which confirms the ownership of the place in the virtual art gallery. The author of the work can sell his NFT with the work of art (or without it) through specialized marketplaces or use our services.
- V -
In addition to copyrighted works, we also provide the opportunity for collectors to post existing NFT works, original works of art, as well as your collections.
Для компаний
For companies (exhibitors)
- I -
Check out the material on the website, promo videos and opportunities of VR Expo World
- II -
Fill out a brief with a description and characteristics of your product (for better interaction). A form for filling is attached.
- III -
Wait for the application to be considered. This usually happens within 3 days.
- IV -
After confirmation and approval of the project, a separate exhibition space is created for your company with the addition of your products and integration into a single exhibition complex.

Advantages of a virtual exhibition

You will always be aware of technical innovations in the industry
You will always be aware of technical innovations in the industry

No need to wait for major exhibitions and go to another city to attend the event. You just need to open the program on your PC.

Anywhere in the world
Anywhere in the world

Solves the problem of transporting samples and equipment models. All models are created and worked out in a virtual environment down to the smallest detail. VR EXPO WORLD is an international project available in all countries with Internet access. And each of them may contain your potential customers. You can target multiple overseas markets without spending colossal budgets on overseas travel.

More features for less money
More features for less money

The cost of a virtual stand is comparable to the cost of a stand at a regular exhibition. However, to be placed on VR EXPO WORLD, you do not need to pay for delivery and insurance of equipment, tickets, accommodation, travel expenses of your employees, advertising printing, stand design and many other things, because of which the budget for participation in traditional exhibitions stretches 1.5– 2 times as planned. With the virtual space VR EXPO WORLD, all this money remains with you, and you get a much more efficient and modern promotion.

Be one step ahead of the competition
Be one step ahead of the competition

The needs of people have long outgrown the standard capabilities of advertising printing and the event industry. Today it is difficult to surprise someone with a website, a beautiful catalog or participation in an exhibition. VR EXPO WORLD is a new chapter in the history of marketing. Are you ready for your brand to be on the first page?

Promotion of your products 24/7
Promotion of your products 24/7

Traditional exhibitions last only 2-3 days and are forgotten after a few weeks. Your virtual booth at VR EXPO WORLD will be available 365 days a year. Your potential customers will be able to visit it again.

Manage your time more freely
Manage your time more freely

Now it is not necessary to spend several days on a trip to some city for an event. Book tickets in advance, collect luggage, send equipment, then arrange return delivery … The virtual exhibition does not limit you in time – it works even when you and your team are on vacation.

Completed projects

RayCraft is a manufacturer of portable X-ray machines and crawlers for industrial radiographic inspection. The company was founded in 2013. Generators of this brand are used at the facilities of PJSC Gazprom, AK Transneft, Rosneft, Lukoil, SIBUR. At the 45th WorldSkills Kazan 2019, RayCraft devices were used to X-ray competitive entries in the Welding competence.

In order to present RayCraft devices in virtual space, VR EXPO World specialists completed a large amount of work on a turnkey basis:

  • studied all technical documentation (drawings, passports, instructions, specifications) for the devices;
  • shot a lot of photo and video materials - for the most accurate detail;
  • rendered 2 models of equipment;
  • developed the design and decorated 2 virtual pavilions, 1 passage, 16 stands, 3 halo panels;
  • approved 3D models were uploaded to a secure server, making them available to all VR EXPO World visitors;
  • handed over to the customer the finished graphics for later use.
Placement results
2 equipment models
2 virtual pavilions
20 stands
13 interactive actions with equipment
2 equipment demonstration modes
Video review

About company

VR Expo World is a unique industrial exhibition built on the advanced technologies of Virtual Reality (virtual reality). Some of the creators of the project are part of the team of "Defektoskopist.ru" - the largest portal in Runet for non-destructive testing, technical diagnostics and industrial safety expertise. The forum was created in 2012 and today has more than 24,000 users.

The virtual exhibition VR Expo World targets a wide range of industrial equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The project has already been supported by the Russian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics (RONKTD).

Andrey Vasiliev
Entrepreneur since 2007
The ideological inspirer of the project. Graduate of the Higher School of Film and Television Ostankino
Sergey Shevtsov
Lead Developer / CG
Experience in the field of CG since 2007
He worked on projects for such companies as Nissan, Hewlett-packard, Danone, m / s "Sunnie Bunnies" (visual effects), video mapping for Kuwait, Riga, etc. During his career he received awards from Sony, Gopro Awards, national film studio, academy of arts, etc. He is a member of the jury 35Awards
Evgeny Manako
Content Manager, Cryptocurrency and NFT specialist
Experience as a content manager since 2015
Copywriting, SEO and SMM promotion
Ekaterina Gett
Art director / Gallery curator
Опыт работы c 2008 года
Руководитель фешн направления и куратор NFT галереи. Профессиональный художник-орнаменталист. Высшее образование в сфере дизайна. Основатель фешн бренда GettLucky
Denis Lavrenov
Development experience in the financial sector since 2009
Took part in the development of Ozone, Modulbank
Vyacheslav Budkevich
Unreal Engine Programmer
Experience at UE since 2016
Worked on projects for Steam and Marketplace. He took part in the development of projects of varying complexity. Development of logic for interactive visualizations
Константин Бурмагин
2D/3D Graphics designer
Опыт работы c 2016 года
2D/3D animation and motion graphics designer
Vladislav Karavaev
Technical 3D
Work experience since 2012
He worked on projects for Hewlett-Packard and 360 video mapping (Kuwait Park), and also took part in the development of complex interactive media projects

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